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Coffee Filter Flowers
By Conquest Art on 7th July 2017
Making flowers out of coffee filters?! Wow! Our Epsom member, Sai is really finding his creative spark at our art group with the help of our valuable volunteers.... Read more »
Finding your creativity at Epsom
By Conquest Art on 2nd July 2017
What would the result be if one of our Epsom members made jungle creatures and insects all made out of plasticine? Our Epsom group is definitely stretching the imagination!... Read more »
Stretching Imaginations at Halesworth
By Conquest Art on 1st July 2017
Which piece of the Van Gogh puzzle does this picture represent? Take a look on how eight Halesworth members interpreted their own style of the famous portrait, La Berceuse.... Read more »
Through the Keyhole
By Conquest Art on 8th May 2017
What will you see through the keyhole of our Stoneleigh members? The question is are you looking out or are you looking in? An afternoon full of inspiration and imagination! Where disability meets creativity.... Read more »
From Basic Drawings to Amazing Pieces
By Conquest Art on 2nd May 2017
Stoneleigh member, Sundhar Srinivasan was chosen for The Gibson Award this year. Sundhar has shown throughout the years that his disability does not hinder him from finding his creativity and producing amazing pieces of art!... Read more »
And the Winners are…
By Conquest Art on 24th April 2017
Trees! Glorious Trees! What would you draw/paint when presented with the theme 'Trees'? Find out what our three winners created and were awarded for expressing their imagination on this particular them.... Read more »
Stoneleigh Group opened its doors…
By Conquest Art on 3rd April 2017
On 20th March 2017, Stoneleigh opened its doors and invited friends in to see the work of our artists, including an excellent exhibition and a demonstration of encaustic art.  We have recently purchased the equipment for this new (to us) way of creating wonderful pictures and members of the group are delighted with the creative ... Read more »
A void in the Malvern group
By Conquest Art on 10th February 2017
George Hamblin joined the Malvern group almost from its inception about 10 years ago. He came as a helper but found his hearing loss made that difficult. Nevertheless he was always willing to help, very generous with his time, his knowledge and his own materials. He was a great encourager, interested in what others were ... Read more »
Australia Day!
By Conquest Art on 26th January 2017
After visiting the Royal Academy of Arts Australian Exhibition last year, Jeananne (volunteer) persuaded me to buy the book for our art group and it has proved an inspiration to several of our members and to me. Member, Sundhar, as you can see has produced his own version of one of the pictures and has ... Read more »
Inspired to discover her confidence…
By Conquest Art on 20th January 2017
After joining Conquest Art I felt inspired to do a practical based art course. This I completed through ‘London Art College’.  As I have an interest in art I wanted to gain a greater awareness of different art techniques and skills. Doing this course has improved my confidence and ability in using different mediums. Many ... Read more »
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