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Katy Dare
By Conquest Art on 28th June 2018

Since Katy joined the Bridport group, she has been inspired to develop her creativity. She’s been open to using different media and learning new techniques.

In her own words this is how she feels about Conquest Art…

“I really like attending the Bridport group, it’s given me a chance to improve my artwork and become more confident. I like the fact of meeting and talking to people. It’s a lot of fun. It’s very ‘laid back’ and you can do whatever you feel like doing without it being regimented. Although there is a bit of structure to it with things given if you want to; otherwise it’s up to you, I really hope it continues and grows.”

Katy is always the first person to arrive and is eager to find her work and continue working into it. We have been impressed by her interest to sustain a piece of work, layering up colour and producing eye catching artwork. Katy’s quiet enthusiasm very often encourages other group members and to her delight she has been the first person to have sold a piece of work.

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