Conquest Art Groups

Conquest Art groups

Anybody over 16 living with disability or long term illness can join our groups – no artistic experience is necessary.

Conquest Art groups charge a nominal fee and all art materials are provided.  Specialised equipment can be supplied for people with particular needs.

Each group is run by a volunteer leader who is given training in the methods and approaches used to encourage self-expression through creative artistic activities.

Volunteer group helpers also give support to the group leader. At least two volunteers at each location are trained in First Aid. In cases of severe needs, a group leader may insist on members being accompanied by a responsible carer or family member at all times.

We continue to work to increase the number of groups around the country to bring the benefits of art to more people.

How do I become a member?

Membership of a Conquest Art group is dependent on the voluntary organisers having confidence in being able to maintain a safe, socially content and cohesive atmosphere. Consequently, all group leaders have the discretion as to whether or not to accept new members in order to achieve this balance.

Find your nearest group on this page and contact the group leader.  If you require further information, please use the Contact us form.

Join members like these
Stephen Wagland

Stephen is a wheelchair user and is one of the founder members of the Ashtead Group which was started on the 4th July 2017.

Stephen had never painted before attending the group. He is enthusiastic about his painting and has not missed a meeting since July 2017.

Stephen has tried various mediums including using pallet knife and painting with sponges, he is also keen to try his hand at different subjects. Having never painted before it has been a steep learning curve to develop his artistic skills.

The series of paintings he has painted demonstrates the journey he has taken, and his development both in composition, use of colour and tonal work.

Patricia Blakeman

Patricia (Pat) has benefitted greatly from attending the Epsom group. She lost her husband seven years ago, she felt isolated and lonely, she also suffers from visual impairment which is sadly worsening. Conquest Art (CA) has been a life line for her, giving her a reason to go out each week.

Pat loves coming to the group for the art and social aspect.  Despite her lack of vision, CA has inspired her to create art at home as well as the weekly sessions. She loves planning what to paint and looks forward to our weekly sessions.

Pat uses water colour and enjoys painting nature and flowers. Although she feels sometimes her work doesn’t always turn out as expected she feels she is never too old to try something new.

Robert Phillips

Robert has amazed us all with his dedication to improving his painting skills since he made the decision to join the Cobham group in October last year. Robert does not always find social situations easy,  but has found our small group to be friendly and welcoming when he has been feeling depressed. Regular therapy and Conquest Art sessions help Robert to stay positive and accomplished.

Since all his relatives live overseas, the group also provides a weekly social activity for Robert who lives alone with his rescued dog, Flo for companionship.

Despite not doing any artwork since his school days, Robert has shown a keen interest in improving his drawing and watercolour skills both at home and during our sessions. Robert is a keen animal lover and each week we are impressed by his beautifully realistic sketches and paintings of wild animals.

Robert is proof positive that Conquest Art groups can have a positive and important effect on the lives of individuals coping with mental health issues.

Janice Brown

Janice finds the Dorking group very enjoyable and interesting as all the members do different things. She very much enjoys coming to the group and has made many friendships. She looks out for people and was a great help when Nicola (new group leader) started with regards to personalities.

Janice has expanded her art work from mainly drawing long tunnels in pencil to producing some wonderful colourful works.  Unfortunately, however as Janice usually draws or uses coloured pencil not knowing where the subject was going to take her, she used a very flimsy piece of paper rather than watercolour paper for her painting.

Janice admits that paint scares her but has moved on from her original pencil drawings to experimenting with material, coloured pencils and watercolour pencils. She loves being imaginative which shows in her paintings. She has become interested in leaves and their structure and her love for nature is definitely represented.

Janice broke her back potholing on the Easter weekend of 2000.

Could you start a new group in your area?

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