Conquest Art Groups

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Our brochure provides information on the Charity, our members and details of all our groups. It is great to hand out to anyone who is interested in joining a group or who would like to support us.

Conquest Art Groups

Anybody over 16 living with disability or long term illness can join our groups – no artistic experience is necessary.

Conquest Art groups charge a nominal fee and all art materials are provided.  Specialised equipment can be supplied for people with particular needs.

Each group is run by a volunteer leader who is given training in the methods and approaches used to encourage self-expression through creative artistic activities.

Volunteer group helpers also give support to the group leader. At least two volunteers at each location are trained in First Aid. In cases of severe needs, a group leader may insist on members being accompanied by a responsible carer or family member at all times.

We continue to work to increase the number of groups around the country to bring the benefits of art to more people.

How do I become a Member?

Membership of a Conquest Art Group is dependent on the voluntary organisers having confidence in being able to maintain a safe, socially content and cohesive atmosphere. Consequently, all group leaders have the discretion as to whether or not to accept new members in order to achieve this balance.

Find your nearest group on this page and contact the group leader.  If you require further information, please use the Contact us form.

Join Members like these
Valerie Ratliff

Val Ratliff, a member of the Carshalton Beeches group, loves painting flowers, which her husband  Paul, hangs in their cottage.

Val trained as a physiotherapist at Selly Oak, Birmingham and later worked at the London Hospital, Whitechapel, before moving to St Helier Hospital in Carshalton. Nine years ago, she was diagnosed with motor neurone disease and, at the time, was given just three years to live. She even manages to smile when describing herself as ‘on borrowed time’.  As a result she felt it was time to retire and take up other pursuits.

Val’s positive attitude to life and her determination to make every day count is a testimony to her outlook on life and her deep and sincere faith. It is a privilege to know her and know too that she represents so many others who make Conquest Art do what it says on the tin: enrich the lives of people with disabilities.


Members of Conquest Art
Doris Chitty

Doris heard about Conquest Art through a fellow Member of the Group.

Doris has a prosthetic leg due to amputation, to improve her quality of life.

Doris has a love of art from her school days and took up art again in 2008. She is a very skilful and talented painter and enjoys watercolour and landscapes. Doris has also recently discovered a great talent in silk painting and designing scarves.

Doris enjoys Conquest Art very much, she loves the company and always looks forward to it every week.

Chris Stephens

Chris first heard about Conquest Art from his District Nurse about 14 years ago.

He had a head Injury which left him with limited movement and speech and a full- time wheelchair user. He had to change hands for writing and thought he would not be able to paint.

The Conquest Art leaders encouraged him to ‘draw from within’ and express his feelings through his art work. He was surprised and pleased with what he could achieve with the support of the helpers.

Conquest Art has become like a family to him, and the Godalming members all enjoy his sense of humour and his twist on the subjects suggested.

Barry Parkinson

I have been interested in art on and off throughout my life.

When I retired I attended Southport College for two years, studying art and design and I achieved the Foundation Certificate.  I then spent many years as a member of the Liver Sketching Club based in Liverpool.

In 2013, I suffered a stroke and had to reconsider my artistic activities as I could no longer use my right hand. I joined Conquest Art Formby where I am developing pen and coloured pencil drawing with my left hand. I hope to progress to other mediums, e.g. watercolours in due course.

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