Conquest Art Groups

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    Our brochure provides information on the Charity, our members and details of all our groups. It is great to hand out to anyone who is interested in joining a group or who would like to support us.

    Conquest Art groups

    Anybody over 16 living with disability or long term illness can join our groups – no artistic experience is necessary.

    Conquest Art groups charge a nominal fee and all art materials are provided.  Specialised equipment can be supplied for people with particular needs.

    Each group is run by a volunteer leader who is given art techniques and approaches used to encourage self-expression through creative artistic activities.

    Volunteer group helpers also give support to the group leader. We aim to have two volunteers at each location trained in First Aid.

    If someone with a severe disability is accepted into the group, they always need to be accompanied by and attended to by a responsible family member or carer throughout the duration of the session.

    We continue to work to increase the number of groups around the country to bring the benefits of art to more people.

    How do I become a member?

    Membership of a Conquest Art group is dependent on the voluntary organisers having confidence in being able to maintain a safe, socially content and cohesive atmosphere. Consequently, all group leaders have the discretion as to whether or not to accept new members in order to achieve this balance.

    Find your nearest group on this page and contact the group leader.  If you require further information, please use the Contact us form.

    Join members like these
    Jovi Edwards

    Jovi Edwards joined the Epsom group when we started in February 2022 and has been a committed member, attending almost every week.

    She works very hard and always completes her artwork during the two hours she is with us. Jovi loves the ideas and varied materials we offer her and has achieved very creative results in textiles, drawing, painting, and collage. Jovi has shown positive interest in unfamiliar materials and is always happy to try something new. She would like to progress in her textile research and is interested in Pop Art, Andy Warhol and Marilyn Monroe designs.

    Her work is always original and since she joined in February she has grown in confidence through her continuing commitment and successful artistic achievements.

    Barry Parkinson

    Barry was an accomplished artist and a member of the prestigious Liver Sketch Club until he had a stroke nine years ago, which left him unable to paint.  Not one to be defeated he painstakingly taught himself to paint using his left hand.

    He became a member of the Formby Conquest group, and his amazing work is admired by all who see it.
    He is a positive force within the group and is always up for a laugh and a chat and encourages his fellow artists to never give up.  His determination is evident in the wonderful work he now produces and his positivity makes him an asset to the group.

    He finds the Formby group very enjoyable. He feels the groups are a different type of social occasion which he really enjoys. He also said he enjoys painting for pleasure and it is good there is no feeling of competition within the group.

    Lindsey and Paul Heard

    “We have been members of Conquest Art Group at Reigate Park Church for over eight years now.  We look forward to every Wednesday through the year that the art group runs.

    The volunteers, Kathy, Renate and Pat are so welcoming, friendly, supportive and hard-working.

    We have made long-term friendships and the weekly laughter, fun, care and support and tasty treats and refreshments are enjoyed every time.
    The artistic knowledge gained and shared each week is invaluable.  The group projects are fun to do, viewing other artists’ work is inspirational.
    There is no judgement of anyone’s level of ability, only praise and encouragement.

    The art group is a special place to go for us and we know the power of art is very therapeutic for us and helps us forget our health problems and social worries while we are engrossed in our project each week and enjoying the companionship of our friends and fellow artists.”

    Duncan Siggers

    I have been going to Conquest Art now in Woking since October 2019.

    I have really enjoyed my time meeting people and getting better at my artwork, I now have my paintings on Instagram and have now got a collection of around 800 paintings!

    I paint every day now and it helps me with my mental health and helps me relax and gives me a reward when other people like my artwork,
    I would like to thank everyone at Conquest Art for helping develop my artwork over the years, I can not imagine a day now without painting!

    I recommend that you if you have not joined yet then do so as soon as possible, you will meet different people and everyone I have met have been very friendly and welcoming.

    Could you start a new group in your area?

    Together, we can work out if it is possible, read more….