Conquest Art Groups

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Our brochure provides information on the Charity, our members and details of all our groups. It is great to hand out to anyone who is interested in joining a group or who would like to support us.

Conquest Art Groups

Anybody over 16 living with disability or long term illness can join our groups – no artistic experience is necessary.

Conquest Art groups charge a nominal fee and all art materials are provided.  Specialised equipment can be supplied for people with particular needs.

Each group is run by a volunteer leader who is given training in the methods and approaches used to encourage self-expression through creative artistic activities.

Volunteer group helpers also give support to the group leader. At least two volunteers at each location are trained in First Aid. In cases of severe needs, a group leader may insist on members being accompanied by a responsible carer or family member at all times.

We continue to work to increase the number of groups around the country to bring the benefits of art to more people.

How do I become a Member?

Membership of a Conquest Art Group is dependent on the voluntary organisers having confidence in being able to maintain a safe, socially content and cohesive atmosphere. Consequently, all group leaders have the discretion as to whether or not to accept new members in order to achieve this balance.

Find your nearest group on this page and contact the group leader.  If you require further information, please use the Contact us form.

Join Members like these
John Reynalds

John is 85 and has various illness, which affects his mobility.

His motivation for joining the Ashtead group was to get out and try something new, he had never painted before. Since July 2017, he has made very good progress, particularly with a pallet knife. John was a carpenter and the volunteers thought he may feel comfortable with a pallet knife.

However he has tried a number of mediums and recently has been doing portraits in pencil and charcoal. His enthusiasm has carried over to painting at home.

John is a very sociable member mixing with any one in the group.
He is a good example of what Conquest Art can achieve and enrich some one life even at 85.

Richanda Poulter

Richanda joined the Halesworth group in summer 2016.

She shows great enthusiasm in her art and always has brilliant ideas for her projects.

Her works normally depict dragons which are theme based. Richanda also creates manga characters with story based ideas.
These works are meticulously drawn and so vibrantly colourful!

We get a lot of pleasure from seeing her works coming together!

Richanda is a committed member and greatly valued, she often gets alongside other members bringing encouragement and inspiration to us all.

Valerie Ratliff

Val Ratliff, a member of the Carshalton Beeches group, loves painting flowers, which her husband  Paul, hangs in their cottage.

Val trained as a physiotherapist at Selly Oak, Birmingham and later worked at the London Hospital, Whitechapel, before moving to St Helier Hospital in Carshalton. Nine years ago, she was diagnosed with motor neurone disease and, at the time, was given just three years to live. She even manages to smile when describing herself as ‘on borrowed time’.  As a result she felt it was time to retire and take up other pursuits.

Val’s positive attitude to life and her determination to make every day count is a testimony to her outlook on life and her deep and sincere faith. It is a privilege to know her and know too that she represents so many others who make Conquest Art do what it says on the tin: enrich the lives of people with disabilities.


Katy Dare

Since Katy joined the Bridport group, she has been inspired to develop her creativity. She’s been open to using different media and learning new techniques.

In her own words this is how she feels about Conquest Art…

“I really like attending the Bridport group, it’s given me a chance to improve my artwork and become more confident. I like the fact of meeting and talking to people. It’s a lot of fun. It’s very ‘laid back’ and you can do whatever you feel like doing without it being regimented. Although there is a bit of structure to it with things given if you want to; otherwise it’s up to you, I really hope it continues and grows.”

Katy is always the first person to arrive and is eager to find her work and continue working into it. We have been impressed by her interest to sustain a piece of work, layering up colour and producing eye catching artwork. Katy’s quiet enthusiasm very often encourages other group members and to her delight she has been the first person to have sold a piece of work.

Could you start a new group in your area?

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