What does a volunteer do?

As a volunteer you will be part of a team.  A good team will include a group leader who has organisational skills, people with artistic experience, someone good in finance management and some willing to come along and make the refreshments.   A description of the role of a group leader is available to read below…

CA Group Leader Role Description

Volunteers are the people who make Conquest Art possible. Your few hours a week could make a real difference to people’s lives. Could you join a team?

Conquest Art volunteers can rely on the support and encouragement of the Trustees and Charity Co-ordinator.

All Conquest Art groups are run by volunteers. Group leaders do their best to ensure a safe and happy environment for both members and volunteers. In order to achieve this, they need to give careful consideration to the right balance within the group when considering requests for new memberships. As a result, it may sometimes not be possible for them to accept all applications.

There may, very occasionally, be circumstances when the group leader feels that a prospective member either has such difficulties as not to be conducive to creative artwork, or, even if accompanied by an assistant, would be beyond the confident, comfortable support of volunteers. In such cases where the group leader feels unable to offer the expertise to help the person concerned to participate in the group in a meaningful way, the Trustees will support their decision.

If someone with a severe disability is accepted into the group, they always need to be accompanied by and attended to by a responsible family member or carer throughout the duration of the session.

How can you help?

Not every volunteer needs artistic ability, but you do need to be over 18 and a ‘people person’ – enthusiastic, and ready to help create a friendly, welcoming environment where members feel relaxed and able to make the most of their time with us.

Please see our blog post for our latest volunteer opportunties.

What support do we offer?

A guide for group leaders and helpers is provided explaining the roles in more detail and providing art techniques we have found useful for beginner members to help them get started.  We continue to offer opportunities to meet other volunteers and share ideas.  If not possible to meet in person, zoom meetings are held throughout the year.  We support our groups by providing all art materials and financial support when needed.  All you need to do is tell us you are interested.

Could you start a new group in your area?

Groups are usually set up in locations where a need for activities and support for less able members of the community has been identified.

Together, we can work out if it’s possible, then give you advice to help in the start-up.  We would also recommend visiting an existing group to gain first-hand knowledge of what it’s like.

You will need to think about a suitable venue. Most of our groups are held in village and church halls or community centres, which have suitable parking, disabled facilities as well as furniture that are used by the group members.  A venue check list can be provided by Head Office to assist your search.

Conquest Art provides all art materials and equipment for new groups, covers all set-up costs, as well as help with ideas and techniques to assist group members and encourage the best possible outcome for every individual.  Each group needs a group leader and one or more helpers, to provide the necessary level of support and prepare refreshments for the members.  You can read the description of what is required from a group leader below…

CA Group Leader Role Description

Running a successful art group is a team effort which needs a variety of different gifts from organisational skills, artistic experience to someone dealing with the money or making the tea.  But most of all we need your enthusiasm.

Become a volunteer

Volunteer Case Histories

Read about our volunteers and how they got involved with us...

Jean Deeley (Ashtead Group)

Jean Deeley (Ashtead Group volunteer): When I first thought of volunteering at Conquest Art, I was uncertain what I could bring to the group. After being there a while, I realised how much the group gave to me. I had not appreciated how Art can bring people of all ages and abilities together to express themselves in a creative way.

Photo: Jean Deeley with Ashtead member, Laura Marshall.

Christine Loizou (Epsom Group)

Christine Loizou (Epsom Group Leader) – ‘Joining Conquest Art has given me a real purpose to help other creative people achieve finished art work and enjoy interacting with other members and volunteers. We all have tremendous fun and lots of laughs. It is a great organisation and I am grateful to be part of all that Conquest Art offers.’

Jeff Scott (Formby Group)

Jeff Scott (Formby Group Leader): I am a member of the AFA (Association of Formby Artists) who complied a rota for artists to volunteer every few months. After my first session I knew Conquest Art was for me, and I am now the group leader. I love helping people to produce the most amazing pieces of art and I am in awe of the determination and grit shown by our group members.