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It’s All Happening at Reigate!
By Conquest Art on 6th December 2022

The group usually has a break in the summer for a few weeks but this year several members decided that they couldn’t wait until September to do their art!  They hired the hall, splitting the cost between them, and brought their own refreshments. They also brought their own art materials and projects which ranged from watercolour and acrylic painting to diamond art painting and knitting. Everyone enjoyed the extra time being creative together.

A number of Reigate Park members took part in an exhibition of art works in Redhill in November. The exhibition was held at the home of member, Gerri Joyce. The art works were for sale and a percentage of takings were given to charities including Conquest Art.

Below is a photo of group members taking part in Gerri’s exhibition and sale of artworks:  Gerri Joyce, Paul Heard, Lindsey Heard and Heidi Rice, with group leader Kathy Adams and Gracie the dog.

Gerri Joyce has won first place in the October 2022 SA Challenge and has been asked to be a judge in future competitions!  Well done Gerri!

Below are a couple of Gerri’s creations…


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