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Coffee Filter Flowers
By Conquest Art on 7th July 2017
Making flowers out of coffee filters?! Wow! Our Epsom member, Sai is really finding his creative spark at our art group with the help of our valuable volunteers.... Read more »
Seeking Volunteers for New Cobham Art Group
By Conquest Art on 3rd July 2017
Would you like to be part of our new Cobham art team? A good team is made up of a variety of different people from someone who has some art experience bringing good ideas to someone who makes a good cup of tea. ... Read more »
Finding your creativity at Epsom
By Conquest Art on 2nd July 2017
What would the result be if one of our Epsom members made jungle creatures and insects all made out of plasticine? Our Epsom group is definitely stretching the imagination!... Read more »
Stretching Imaginations at Halesworth
By Conquest Art on 1st July 2017
Which piece of the Van Gogh puzzle does this picture represent? Take a look on how eight Halesworth members interpreted their own style of the famous portrait, La Berceuse.... Read more »
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