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New Group Opened in Guildford!
By Conquest Art on 25th October 2021
Exciting News! We have opened our new group in Guildford! Find out more on how you can join as a member or the volunteer team... Read more »
Sad News for Halesworth
By Conquest Art on 29th June 2021
When our Halesworth group reopens in July, they will be missing a very loved and talented member Agnes Thurston... Read more »
Stoneleigh’s Paint by Numbers
By Conquest Art on 10th February 2021
Another lockdown so our groups remain close but Stoneleigh helped keep the inspiration going to keep calm and paint by numbers... Read more »
A Treasured Volunteer
By Conquest Art on 8th September 2020
Just after lockdown began, the Formby group received such sad news about their treasured volunteer... Read more »
Remembering and trying new things…
By Conquest Art on 1st September 2020
Now that lockdown has eased, we look back before and during those months to read what has been happening around Stoneleigh... Read more »
Up for the Challenge
By Conquest Art on 18th July 2018
Our Bridport members have been trying something new in the past few months - working with ceramics. The members were inspired by a local artist to give it a go and the results are amazing... Read more »
Russian Dolls Commission
By Conquest Art on 11th July 2018
Ashtead group member, Anthony took on the challenge to paint Russian Dolls as per an enquiry. Anthony said he really enjoyed doing this and the result was very good... Read more »
Coffee Filter Flowers
By Conquest Art on 7th July 2017
Making flowers out of coffee filters?! Wow! Our Epsom member, Sai is really finding his creative spark at our art group with the help of our valuable volunteers.... Read more »
Finding your creativity at Epsom
By Conquest Art on 2nd July 2017
What would the result be if one of our Epsom members made jungle creatures and insects all made out of plasticine? Our Epsom group is definitely stretching the imagination!... Read more »
Stretching Imaginations at Halesworth
By Conquest Art on 1st July 2017
Which piece of the Van Gogh puzzle does this picture represent? Take a look on how eight Halesworth members interpreted their own style of the famous portrait, La Berceuse.... Read more »
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