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Janice Brown
By Conquest Art on 21st May 2019

Janice finds the Dorking group very enjoyable and interesting as all the members do different things. She very much enjoys coming to the group and has made many friendships. She looks out for people and was a great help when Nicola (new group leader) started with regards to personalities.

Janice has expanded her art work from mainly drawing long tunnels in pencil to producing some wonderful colourful works.  Unfortunately, however as Janice usually draws or uses coloured pencil not knowing where the subject was going to take her, she used a very flimsy piece of paper rather than watercolour paper for her painting.

Janice admits that paint scares her but has moved on from her original pencil drawings to experimenting with material, coloured pencils and watercolour pencils. She loves being imaginative which shows in her paintings. She has become interested in leaves and their structure and her love for nature is definitely represented.

Janice broke her back potholing on the Easter weekend of 2000.


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