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Pebble Painting at Ashtead
By Conquest Art on 11th April 2022

In hindsight did we think we would be out of action for 18 months? Many of us expected to be back after the first lockdown, but it went on and on. We stayed in touch with our members and realized how difficult it was for some of them.

In the Summer 2021 restrictions eased and we decided to open in August with very enthusiastic members eager to return. It felt very strange at first, almost like starting from the beginning. We had 15 members before lockdown but were now down to seven.  Three moved away, we lost two to Covid and others were not confident about returning for different reasons. Since than three new members have joined us and we have eased ourselves back into a routine keeping our distance and wearing masks.

Now after eight months it almost feels like normal and we have started to introduce new projects, the recent painting and decorating of pebbles was very popular.


In discussion with our members, we realize how important Conquest Art is to them and their well-being. We are all vulnerable at times like this, including the volunteers, and it is the enthusiasm of our members and volunteers that gives us the strength and commitment to continue.

Thank you to all our members and in particular volunteers in seeing us through this difficult time. We look looking forward to our future meetings of Conquest Art.

Colin Cheeseman, Ashtead group leader

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