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By Conquest Art on 25th April 2023

Members of Reigate Park group were sad to hear recently of the death of Mary Thompson last year. Mary was a much loved and energetic leader to the group for seven years until June 2011. She was succeeded by Kathy and Tara and continued to keep in touch with the group for many years.

Reigate Park group have been working on a ‘Big Picture’ which now fills a large notice board in the church hall where we meet. An image of Paul Gauguin’s painting ‘Nave Nave Moe’ was divided into 16 pieces and each piece reproduced and enlarged by members of the group. Some sections of the original painting are like small paintings in themselves; others consist of shapes and colours which may not make sense until all the pieces are put together. It is fascinating to see people’s different styles come together to produce one huge image!

Kathy Adams, Reigate Park group leader.

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