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Remembering and trying new things…
By Conquest Art on 1st September 2020

Firstly, I would like to pay tribute to our friend and long-time group member, Susan Beckett, who died just as the lockdown began. Susan joined us at the very beginning, nearly eight years ago and was a sunny, happy member of the group. She often had pictures in the magazine, and you can see some of her work above and below. She will be greatly missed by all her friends.


As with so many other groups who meet on church premises, we closed down in mid March, but we have kept in contact with all our members, encouraging them to keep painting and promising an exhibition of ‘Lockdown Art’ when the social distancing regulations allow.

During lock down there has been a wonderful range of arts programming on the TV and I have particularly enjoyed funny and interactive ‘Grayson’s Art Club’ on channel 4 (now on catch up) which has encouraged everybody to “have a go”, very much the ethos of Conquest Art. One of the ideas was re-creating a famous picture and taking a photograph, I persuaded my husband to have a go and below was the result, Grant Wood’s ‘American Gothic’ recreated as ‘Lockdown Gothic’ not very flattering but it was fun,  why don’t you have a go and send your pictures in to us?

 Some members have found that this time has allowed a greater concentration on art and have been trying to get some of their ideas down on paper. Others have found that without coming to the group their motivation has dropped so we are looking forward to the time when we can get back together, not long now  hopefully…

Lesley Lee – Trustee and Stoneleigh group leader

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