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Stoneleigh’s Paint by Numbers
By Conquest Art on 10th February 2021

I realise that this might scandalise the purists but when we went into yet another lockdown it was clear that many would struggle to keep motivated and keep painting.


We decided to buy Paint by Numbers sets for everybody and after some initial moaning we all knuckled down and, I have to say, it has given us all a surprise.  Having something to turn to that does not require us to make decisions with our locked down brains, has proved a wonderfully relaxing and satisfying way to spend time, allowing people to work at their own pace.  Not everyone used the paints provided, one used acrylic pens and another watercolour pencils but the results, which you can see on the website, are wonderful.


When we are able to return to our venue we hope to have an exhibition of all the art created during this difficult time.


Lesley Lee – Stoneleigh group leader

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