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From Basic Drawings to Amazing Pieces
By Conquest Art on 2nd May 2017

The Gibson Award was set up at the request of Gladys Gibson* and each year we ask our group leaders to nominate a member who has shown particular achievement during the previous year.  From the nominations, one is selected and the trophy then presented.

It is a great way to hear about our members’ journeys and how Conquest Art is enriching their lives in some way or another.

This year Sundhar Srinivasan from the Stoneleigh group was presented with the award by Anne Bland Botham, one of our Trustees.

Lesley Lee, Stoneleigh group leader, tells his journey with Conquest Art …

Sundhar started coming to us about two years ago. He has learning difficulties and initially he would draw only houses and stick people relating to his life.

However, slowly and with the help and care of our volunteers, he has developed a real love for art.  Sundhar will find his ideas from many sources and then go on to produce his own ‘take’ on that idea.

He loves colour, texture and collage, painting both big canvasses or small delicate pictures. The joy on his face and the exclamations of delight when he is happy with his work cheers the whole class and his fine motor skills and ability to concentrate and follow a project through have improved enormously.


*Gladys Gibson was one of Ursula Hulme’s first pupils and attended a class that used to meet in New Malden.  She was once scared by the very word ‘art’, but attending the first group, in her own words, “changed her life”.  She said:

 “Painting is my one interest.  I enjoy painting flowers on paper, glass, china, plastic and – my greatest interest – I paint on materials!  The social side of meeting one another is the highlight of our week. Should you approach our room, you would hear laughter and happy voices before you ever saw us.  We all have different activities, some are painting, some drawing, others using felt pens and others making a collage, etc.  The time goes all too quickly.”


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