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Formby Visit the Terracotta Warriors
By Conquest Art on 30th September 2018

After a very quick decision, the Formby group decided to visit the World Museum in Liverpool to see the exhibition featuring China’s First Emperor and the Terracotta Warriors. We gathered on 12th September, with cars and wheelchairs and 22 people, not forgetting the picnic, and the ‘caravan’ set off.

Lunch in the museum’s ‘picnic’ room was followed by the exhibition. A wonderful show of the Chinese warriors along with examples of jewellery, vessels and moving pictures showing how things were made. The curators had done a magnificent job and, despite the number of people and wheelchairs, we all had a marvellous time.

After much-needed tea and coffee in the restaurant, the ‘caravan’ returned to Formby. It was a long day, so everyone probably slept well that night!

How do we match this next year? Any ideas?

Kathy Taphouse, Friend and Formby volunteer


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