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Second Annual Exhibition at Bridport
By Conquest Art on 1st October 2018

The Bridport Group held their second Annual Art Exhibition on 1st September.  Christine and Rob, joint leader and volunteer, spent many hours framing the members’ artwork. The frames had been bought by the Bridport Round Table and the group is very grateful to them for their kind donation.

On a lovely sunny day the doors opened at 10am, with the Conquest Art banner flapping in the breeze. Catherine, another volunteer, stood on the street enticing people to come to our Exhibition. Posters were all around the town and the Exhibition was announced on the local radio.

Tina (Charity Co-ordinator) and her husband joined us alongside three members of the Round Table. Cups of tea were drunk, and many complimentary comments were made by everyone who came to the Exhibition.

Our members sold some of their paintings and generous donations were made.

The members felt very thrilled to see their artwork displayed in such an inspiring way.

These are some of the comments:

I was so inspired when I walked in.  It was so atmospheric the way the artwork had been put together.  It was nice to be able to talk to people and get feedback – it makes such a difference when someone appreciates my work. It gives one a little moment of happiness – El  Mercury.

I thought it was really good and I was impressed by the artwork – Dianne.

I saw a picture, I thought this is a lovely painting – it was mine! I felt really proud. It was interesting seeing everyone’s work displayed – Louise.

The quality of the artwork was good and I feel proud to have had a few pieces of my artwork submitted that generated interest – Katy.

Cathy, Bridport group leader

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