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Russian Dolls Commission
By Conquest Art on 11th July 2018

We received an enquiry for a Russian Dolls commission.  Ashtead member, Anthony Steer took on the challenge.  Anthony had to paint the actual unpainted wooden dolls similar to the picture received (below) with a few changes…

This is a poor farming family in Siberia. Sad expressions. Plain clothes – the jackets can be any colour, but need to be the same colour – no flowers or patterns. Farmers wife: please join the long sickle to the handle. The elder daughter: please replace the broom with this small spade.  The youngest daughter, as is, with a small broom.  No shading must be seen on the sides of these dolls.  Other than the above changes, Anthony had free reign to paint them as he saw fit.

          Anthony also had to tidy up the neck line of President Putin.

Below are the finished products!  I am sure you will agree that Anthony did a real good job!


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