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Up for the Challenge
By Conquest Art on 18th July 2018

Our artists in Bridport have certainly been ‘Up for the challenge’ over the past few months.

Caroline Page, a local artist brought in some of her inspirational sketchbooks and ceramics at the beginning of the year to introduce some of the group to a wide variety of techniques.

This has liberated quite a few of our members who believed they were unable to produce ‘Art’ and they have enthusiastically produced coil pots, small vessels and then some pots with extruded clay decorations, which were extremely successful. They are now working on embossing techniques to produce clay bunting for our display on ‘celebrations’.

          An embossed tile waiting to be fired.

Above at the top of the page is Emma’s pot still waiting patiently for the final firing!

Working with clay is a really long and time-consuming process but thanks to Caroline’s quiet encouragement and consistent hard work bringing the work back and forth we have patiently waited, and the outcome (below) has been quite stunning and well worth the wait!


Christine Whittall, Bridport volunteer

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