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Stoneleigh’s Do Something Different Afternoon
By Conquest Art on 18th February 2019

Stoneleigh claim no credit for a ‘Do something different’ afternoon, as this was an idea I picked up at the Godalming group’s exhibition. When I first tried to explain the concept, it caused some puzzled faces but, once the idea was grasped, everyone threw themselves into it and I think most were pleased with the finished picture.

          Artist:  Pamela Hathaway

Each member chose a piece of fabric and either created a picture which included the fabric or continued the design of the fabric onto the paper.

          Artist:  Phyllis Belcher

As one person said, ‘I would never have tried to do this, it made me think in a different way.”

          Artist:  Diana Pinchin

Isn’t that what Conquest Art is all about?

Lesley Lee, Stoneleigh group leader

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