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A Member Worthy of the Award…
By Conquest Art on 30th April 2018

The Gibson Award was set up at the request of Gladys Gibson* and each year we ask our group leaders to nominate a member who has shown particular achievement during the previous year.  From the nominations, one is selected and the trophy then presented.

It is a great way to hear about our members’ journeys and how Conquest Art is enriching their lives in some way or another.

This year Sai Krishna from the Epsom group was presented with the award.

Beverley Summerlin, Epsom group leader, tells his journey with Conquest Art …

Sai who is visually impaired, started coming to Conquest Art about two years ago, and just wanted to meet people. He enjoyed making things and used plastercine to create shapes at first.  This developed into a jungle scene.

Now Sai comes most weeks and uses different media when creating his artwork. He loves to make collages, with textures, using pasta and rice.  Then paints over the texture to give colour.   Sai lets his helper Simon know what colours he would like to use.  Using texture and objects Sai has the freedom to create using touch.

He thinks we are all friendly at Epsom and feels he benefits by coming each week.  Sai loves to make artwork for friends and family and says they are always delighted with his creations.

Sai is a valuable member of the Epsom group and has developed his art skills, over the last few years, he is always ready for a challenge and has a can do attitude.  He likes to have a go and see how it will turn out.

Fork Tulips…

I think that is a great out look to have and feel Sai is a worthy winner for the Gibson Award.

Pastel Cubes…

Pastels, pen and leaves were used to make this Lion collage…

Seeing all the final results of Sai’s artwork, we all agree with Beverley that he is indeed worthy of this Gibson Award!

*Gladys Gibson was one of Ursula Hulme’s first pupils and attended a class that used to meet in New Malden.  She was once scared by the very word ‘art’, but attending the first group, in her own words, “changed her life”.  She said:

 “Painting is my one interest.  I enjoy painting flowers on paper, glass, china, plastic and – my greatest interest – I paint on materials!  The social side of meeting one another is the highlight of our week. Should you approach our room, you would hear laughter and happy voices before you ever saw us.  We all have different activities, some are painting, some drawing, others using felt pens and others making a collage, etc.  The time goes all too quickly.”



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